Custom Design Work

At Armeni Jewelers you can enjoy the craftsmanship and personal service of two experienced gold smiths.  We have extensive experience developing customized designs to suit any individuals tastes.   Celebrate any occasion with a hand crafted one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Over the years we have developed a specialized practice in Engagement Rings for those who are inspired to have a unique piece of art that will last a lifetime. 


Custom Engraving

We are happy to provide custom engravings to add that special message to your jewelry.  Capture a date, share a thoughtful memory or personalize an experience.

Engraving will take up to 5 days.  Please enquire over the phone or visit us in the store and we would be pleased to assist you with your request.



We are able to assist with any of your repair needs.  If you want help fixing a favourite broken piece or restoration on a timeless treasure we can help.  We can also help with simple fixes like replacing a watch battery.


Gold Purchasing

If you have old pieces of gold that you are no longer interested in keeping, we are able to purchase that from you.



Visit us anytime with your items and we would be happy to provide a certified copy of the pieces appraised value.