Understanding the "4Cs" standard by which all diamonds are graded will help you know how to make the right purchase for you.
   The cut grade describes how much light a diamond will reflect thus creating the brilliance. The cut is perhaps the most important aspect of the diamond and is a reflection of the expertise of the the individual who shapes the diamond.  Each diamond has a unique shape and the cut of the diamond will accentuate the stones beauty.
   In order to secure a high quality diamond you will want to find one that is rated no lower than "Very Good", however only the most exceptional stones will have a rating known as the "Ideal Cut".


   A diamond with no color is the ideal standard.  Diamonds can be rated from D all the way to Z.  Diamonds in the D to J range are considered colorless or nearly colorless and D is the most desirable color of a diamond indicating that there is no color.
   The clarity grade reflects the amount of imperfection in the diamond which can have things like blemishes, scratches, nicks, and more which are all considered inclusions.  The less inclusions a  diamond has the higher its quality. There are a total of 11 classifications for clarity.
   Carat is how the weight of a stone is measured, which can relate to the size of a diamond. The most popular and common range of diamonds is between 0.75 to 1.20 Carats.
The 4 C's
   There are many things to consider in the "4Cs" above when determining what diamond is right for you, and we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have when looking into selecting your ideal diamond.

   With all the varieties of styles, classifications and gems, finding the right item can sometimes be a challenge.  Come see us at the store and we would be happy to spend as much time as you need to help you purchase just the right piece. Here at Armeni Jewelers we enjoy the creativity in finding the perfect design for your diamond or coming up with a unique one of a kind custom design.